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“Word On Road is the clique about to blow.

You ain’t gotta run and tell nobody they already know.”

Hello World! Meg here, the founder and creator of Word On Road, Drake’s Official Fan Site. As an avid fan, my mission is to provide all other Drake fans with the latest and greatest news and info on none other than actor and recording artist Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham. I know all too well how important it is that there is a central location where information on Drake is shared and  provided. Well, look no further as Word On Road is that central location. If you’ve been a fan of Drake for any length of time,  I’m sure you can attest to the fact that the visual thus far has been stunning. I’m excited to continue to document what is to be history, as Drake continues to share his story. So take a look around the site and familiarize yourself as I’m sure its sure to become your favorite site to visit! Take Care.

Word On Road was created with the intent on providing Drake fans worldwide with an official premier source of information on Drake. The name Word On Road derives from Drake’s hit song “Cameras” which you can find quoted at the top. On this site you will find the latest Drake news, interviews, music, photos, contests, tour footage, tour dates, and more. The preceding years have been filled with many accomplishments from Drake and it only gets better from here. In the days ahead, you can look to us to provide you with up to date and correct information and that folks is the word on road.

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