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Club Paradise Tour Ticket Giveaway – Las Vegas


Hello everyone! As many of you know I have been giving away tickets to each of Drake’s Club Paradise Tour dates via twitter. I will be switching it up between twitter contest and posts on the site for the rest of the tour dates. For the Vegas show on tommorow at MCM Grand Garden Arena, you can win tickets here on the site as I will be giving away two pairs. I will pick the winners tonight at 8pm Pacific Time so you have all day until then to leave a comment.

To win tickets:

1. Leave A Comment BELOW stating why you think you should win the tickets.

2. Make sure you are following Word On Road on Twitter – @WordOnRd as I will be checking.

3. Leave your twitter name in the comment. If you don’t have a twitter make sure to leave a comment using your current email address as I will need to contact the winners!

You must live in Vegas!

Good Luck! Also, make sure to check your email and/or Dm’s TONIGHT because I will contact the winners right after they are announced.

Any questions? Leave a comment and I will get back to you.

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  • I should win a ticket because I’ve been a fan of Drake since my freshman year (I’m a senior now) and I have yet to see him in concert. I hear a lot of great things and I know he’s gonna kill it in Vegas. I’m just hoping to show my support as a fan of OVO and Word on Road. My twitter name is Anferny_187

  • It would be an awesome Grad. gift, mother’s day gift, And taking a marine!!  Plus I’m arab we always get the short end of the stick @WordOnRd @OctobersVODrake


    I think I should win the tickets because I’ve been with Drake since the Degrassi days. :’) Drake has helped me with so much within his music career. He may not know it, but if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be  here. Drake is my everything, he gets me through my hardest times because I know from his life story, it will get better. To see Drake for one night, would make my life, and I couldn’t ask for anything greater, but to win these tickets. Thank you.
    – @pasdebeaute:twitter  

  • It
    would be an awesome Grad. gift and mother’s day gift! I have been following
    @drake since his first appearance as Joey on Blue Murder. I have EVERYTHING he
    has ever done Musically. Plus I’m Arab we always get the short end of the stick
    @WordOnRd @OctobersVODrake

  • Kerynasheri

    I believe I should win the tickets because Drake is my idol. Everything he says speaks to me. He is the realist person on the scene and he makes me want to follow my dreams. If I won these tickets I would be even more inspired to do what I’ve always wanted to and always hold my head high. Drake makes me a better person. I’d love to see him live. Thank you. My twitter is @Keryna94

  • Jan

    Hello :)
    I should win tickets because ive been a drake supporter ever since I was 12 & he was on Degrassi. I have also been a word on road supporter since the site was first established. I can sing every drake song all the way back from room for improvement. I truly hope I win, and if not thank you for the opportunity :)

    Twitter: envy_doll
    Email: janayalexis@gmail.com

  • Jan

    Hello :)
    I should win tickets because ive been a drake supporter ever since I was 12 & he was on Degrassi. I have also been a word on road supporter since the site was first established. I can sing every drake song all the way back from room for improvement. I truly hope I win, and if not thank you for the opportunity :)

    Twitter: envy_doll
    Email: janayalexis@gmail.com

  • GiannniLobos

    I think I should win the Tickets because I’m a huge drake fan I’ve been trying soooo hard to get tickets and I can’t find any I live in Vegas Drake is very inspiring and such a great artist i really want these tickets even if it’s just 1 this will be my first drake concert if I win I hope you choose me I am a huge huge fan I follow word on road on twitter contact me at @Giannni_ plz choose me It would be the greatest thing that has happend to me ever !

  • GiannniLobos

    I think I should win the Tickets because I’m a huge drake fan I’ve been trying soooo hard to get tickets and I can’t find any I live in Vegas Drake is very inspiring and such a great artist i really want these tickets even if it’s just 1 this will be my first drake concert if I win I hope you choose me I am a huge huge fan I follow word on road on twitter contact me at @Giannni_ plz choose me It would be the greatest thing that has happend to me ever !

  • JasBoutToSpazz

    @JasBoutToSpazz is my twitter. The reason why I should win these drake tickets is (1) I’ve been trying everyday to win tickets on the radio & have been coming up short by one caller! Smh :( (2) it would be the best birthday gift ever.. (3) I love Meg who runs this site, she inspires me like no other. (4) Drake has been my favorite artist since room for improvement, I remember I always called his success while introducing him to people who haven’t heard of him before like, “this is drake.. Watch he’s gonna be the best artist out” & sure enough he blew up! I felt so proud lol you don’t understand. (5) I would take my cousin if I won who is moving away & this would be great to make his last months with us memorable. (6) his music is like therapy, 40 is one of my favorite producers. (7) drake was the first person I followed on twitter lol

  • bob

    It would make my dreams come true to see drake in concert which is why I would LOVE to win these tickets! I am an avid supporter of drake and have been for 4 years now.  Seeing him be himself and make it cool to be himself inspired me to do the same.  He is truly an amazing spirit and deserves every bit of success he has ever achieved.  These tickets would honestly mean the world to me.  Thank you! twitter: iammimi123

  • Today is my last final, I just finished my college semester with a 4.0. I’ve worked really hard, but can’t afford to see Drake. I absolutely love Drake and it would be amazing to have the opportunity to see my favorite rapper. Please give me a chance, I’d be the happiest girl ever. My twitter account is @arieldavis41. 

  • GiannniLobos

    I need these tickets I really wanna go to this concert plz pick me ive been a huge fan since room for improvement Drake is a big Inspiration his music is great and I can’t get any tickets anymore and this will be a once in a lifetime chance to see a drake concert ive never been to one choose me @Giannni_

  • GiannniLobos

    I think I should Win because I’ve been tryin to get tickets I posted a comment already but I’m really trying to win this is my last way of getting a ticket I really really wanna win im a big big drake fan since the beginning back to the first Mixtape (Room for improvement) choose me plz I cant win no other way
    Contact me @giannni_

  • JasBoutToSpazz

      @JasBoutToSpazz:twitter is my twitter name. Reasons why I should win these Drake tickets are because (1) they would make the best birthday gifts for my cousin & I who will be moving in a couple months and I want his last months here to be as memorable as possible. (2) I’ve been trying to win Drake tickets everyday on radio stations & i’ve been coming up maybe one or two callers short from winning… you are the last hope! (3) I love Megan who runs this site… She inspires me to follow my dreams and to work hard at what i love & she’s also funny. (4) I loved Drake ever since Room For Improvement… & I always called his success, I just knew deep down he would be where he is now. Like when i would introduce his music to people who never heard it before.. i’d say, “this is drizzy drake aubrey graham, watch he’s gonna be big and everyone’s favorite artist.” & sure enough he blew up fast! i felt so proud! i never forget that feeling, ever. (5) I listen to Drake everyday, helps me get through whatever situation im facing.. listen to him while studying, sad, mad, etc. It helps. (6) He has been my favorite artist for so long that i don’t even fuck with any artist like i do with him… no one compares. THESE ARE THE REASONS WHY I SHOULD WIN THESE TICKETS. (: *crosses fingers*

  • I want to win these tickets not for myself but for my boyfriend Jonathan. We have been together for three years now and about 2 years ago he moved to Las Vegas. We have been long distance and have been through thick and thin together. He is a huge fan of drake and has been since 2009. He was @WordOnRd first follower, he knows all of drakes songs and every single lyric. Drake’s songs have helped us through some hard times in our relationship and it would be absolutely amazing if Jon was able to go see him perform. He owns all of his mix tapes, drake clothing, and has never doubted him once. He is a huge fan and it’s his dream to see him perform. It would be an honor if I win just to see the smile on my boyfriends face as I handed him the tickets making his dream come true.  My twitter name is @ChelseaCrandall Thank you for this opportunity!

  • My twitter name is @JonGangale and my email is yoitsjon@hotmail.com I have been musically a fan of Drake since 2009 and I grew up watching him on the show Degrassi. I have all of his Cds and all of his mix tapes. I also follow all OvO on twitter (ryan,hush,40,chubbs,preign,itsmegan). I would love to win these tickets and this is the perfect opportunity. My dream is  to see drake live in concert. I know almost every song he has released. To me Drake is a huge inspiration and has taught me to always follow your dreams and that family is more important than anything. I love that his songs are real and everything that he talks about is real. Everything he says speaks to me. It would be an honor to watch him perform. I think I deserve these tickets because I am a true and loyal fan. I have always supported Drake and always will. I greatly appreciate this opportunity thank you!

  • l

    I want to win the tickets because his music helps me do something I’m bad at, feel. 
    So many emotions listening to his music. 
    There hasn’t been a bad day that Closer to My Dreams can’t fix ;) 
    It seems like so many memories and milestones in my life over the past couple of years have always been accompanied by one of his tunes.
    I honestly cannot imagine what it would be like to hear the soundtrack of his life in person up close, and I would love to have the opportunity. 
    The thought of the experience alone is wild. 
    I want to win because although there’s no such thing as perfection, Drake performing and me being in one of the first ten rows is juuuuust about as close as it could possible get. :)

    Thank you for doing this for all the fans, we appreciate it <3

  • Hi, my name is Alyssa Cota. Describing how much I want these tickets is nearly impossible, but I’m going to try my best. First off, I do not live in Vegas, which I understand is the MUST requirement but PLEASE hear me out. My family and I have plans to head out to Vegas this friday whether I win this competition or not, because recently my uncles brother passed away. His name was Raul Alejandre, he was only 49 years old, and died from a very rare disease that caused his body to slowly shut down. I understand this sounds like a pity story, but when we found out tuesday morning the first thing I did was listen to Drake’s song “Doing It Wrong”. I turn to Drake’s music with every emotion I feel, and his lyrics and Noah’s beats make me feel less alone, and like I can pull through whatever god throws my way. I have been trying to win tickets to see Drake since the competition for Irvine, CA. Last night I missed the one for Phoeinx, AZ because I lost track of time, so I accepted that it just wasn’t meant to be and went on with my life. But when I checked Word On Road this morning and saw this competition for Vegas, I thought “this is my chance.” So I prayed and then began typing why I feel I should win. That last sentence reminded me of a quote from Drake; “I’m the type to say a prayer, then go get what I just prayed for.” These last few weeks of my life have been filled with nothing but negativity and tears. Winning this would show me that there IS hope in this world, so I beg of you please choose me. I just poured my heart into this and I have faith that this is my time, thank you so much for even reading this( if you did ), and I hope i’ll be hearing from you soon.

    I understand a twitter name is required so here it is: @ Lassa4L 

    Rest In Peace Raul, te amo.

  • Hi, I am Taylor Johnsen.  I’m a senior in Las Vegas. The reason I want tickets to see the Man of the Year is simple, Drake is the Best I Ever Had and he is a bad rapper, Bad Meanin Good. All This Love I have for him is Special and Lord Knows there isn’t anything more I want than to see him live. Since hes coming to Houstatlantavegas, I would be honored to take A Night Off to Make Things Right and see him perform. After all, this City is Mine. I know he’ll Show Me A Good Time. I’m very Easy to Please, just a Little Bit of the Underdog is all I need to be happy. I imagine getting all Fancy, being Up All Night in Marvins Room, listening to Take Care for The Ride to the arena. I know Drake would Make Me Proud with the theme of the tour, maybe there would even be Fireworks that would Light Up the room? There is no way I could Try Harder for these tickets than I already have. Tickets sold fast and the Good Ones Go before you even have a chance to buy them. I told my best friend that Sooner Than Later I would get inside A Scorpios Mind, but Come Winter, The Thrill Is Gone because Club Paradise will be over, so we needed to fight The Resistance and make an Extra Special effort to have a Successful night with Drizzy. Money was an issue and Ignorant Shit was making things worse in our efforts. My bestfriend kept telling me that we were Unstoppable and that Well be Fine, and The Motto was for us to not give up. About a week ago, The Last Hope came through. Headlines on twitter announced that Word on Road was going to Give Ya tickets for every date on the Club Paradise tour. Would it be a Karoake contest? Although I still had S.T.R.E.S.S., Over My Dead Body would I miss that concert. I would rather be Buried Alive. Since I have so much Crew Love, I stay updated on Word on Road and started worrying that I wouldnt be able to compete with millions of others fans, even though my Lust for Life is comparably larger. Then I realized I was Doing It Wrong. I was Closer to my dream than I realized. Word on Road, Look What You’ve Done for all of us Drizzy fans. Do What You Do and pick the two winners. I hope you know this would be a Brand New experience for me and Id be Going In For Life. I have been Practicing for this day since I heard my first Drake song. I will attempt to stay in The Calm until you announce the winners, and if I win, I will shout HYFR!!!! Thank you for this amazing opportunity and I hope you Say What’s Real and tell me I’ve won. 
    twitter name: TayThursday

  • “Let’s Call It Off” I’ve won right now. I’m tryna “Give Ya”
    a rhyme to shut this contest down. Word on Road is the tour about to blow, you
    ain’t gotta run and tell nobody they already know. All this “S.T.R.E.S.S” has
    had me “Up All Night”….if I win these tickets, it would be the best day of my
    life. You got what I need, I’m very “Easy to Please”, “Take Care” of me, so
    I’ll be that much “Closer to My Dreams”. Drake’s the best, the “Headlines”
    don’t lie…I rep OVO until I die. “Club Paradise” is nothing short of
    “Greatness”. My love for Drake has never “Faded”. I’m ready to see the “Man of
    the Year”. But don’t get me wrong, J. Cole “Still Got It”, Waka Flocka gone
    “Put it down”, and Meek Mill gone ”Stunt Hard”. “Lord Knows” they’ll “Make Me Proud”.
    I got “All This Love” for Drake, and “The City is Mine”, I know he gone be on
    stage lookin’ too fine. “This Presentation” is almost over, so do me “A Little
    Favour”, and “Show Me a Good Time”. “Do What You Do”, but please “Notice Me”.
    “It’s Been a Pleasure”, now take a “Shot for Me”.


  • laaaaaaneee

    Do you know how hard it is to be a Drake fan & work in a high school? I sure do. Everyday, as part time counselor, I’m dealing with tons of kids who are completely OBSESSED with drake and I have to pretend I don’t even know the guy… :-/ I have to take away ymcmb, ovoxo, and other Drake stuff, such as tshirts, sweaters, etc because they don’t follow dress code. I often pretend not to see these things so I can secretly support other drizzy fans! In the past, I couldn’t even find the heart to ask a student who was bumping Marvin’s Room to shut it off… So, I would absolutely LOVE to see Drake tomorrow and be in a place where I get to show everyone how hardcore of a Drake fan I really am!

    Also, I’ve lived in CA my entire life & just recently my family moved to Las Vegas… So, it would be nice to take my sister to the concert or have a friend from CA come visit for the weekend!

    There are some pretty amazing stories here and some deserving people as well. Good luck picking winners!!! And, thank you for all you do for us!!!

    Email- elena_562@yahoo.com

  • GiannniLobos

    I really wanna win these tickets i still cant get over the fact that i didnt get any tickets im a big drake fan this is my 6th time commenting as you can see this is my last possible chance of winning Drake is a very important person in my life even though i dont know him his music is touching and deep and i can relate to many things he’s saying i know i dont have that big of a chance to win but at least i tried thank you for this opportunity with my birthday around the corner winning these tickets will be the best gift ive ever gotten contact me @Giannni_:twitter 

  • Twitter: sheel_p

    All i have to say is..

    I rep that young money cash money… I rep that OVOXO!!

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