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P. Reign – DnF feat. Drake And Future

[Hook: Drake/Future] More rest and sex is all a nigga needs In a lifetime of stress tryna put my mind at ease I’m not lookin’ at the phone, too much shit been goin’ on But while we got this moment of peace alone, girl We should just get (Drunk and fuck, drunk and fuck, drunk […]

Who Do You Love? – YG Feat. Drake

[Verse 1: YG] I’m that nigga with the plugs I’m the nigga who got homies that be sellin’ drugs I’m the nigga on the back street With the fat heat, niggas better run like athletes I’m that nigga, I’m that nigga My Bank of America account got six figures I’m that nigga on the block […]

2 On/Thotful

[Intro] Let’s get it, I can’t wait to trick man It’s gonna be so sweet [OB O’Brien] Summer’s mine Yeah, the summer’s mine Yeah, the summer’s mine [Verse 1: OB O’Brien] Still like, “Can you hit it with your OVO goose on?” I’m like, “What are you on?” Told me that she two on Ha, […]

Recognize Feat. Drake

[Intro: PND] Gotta get real again, gotta get real again [Pre-Hook: PND] No, you got niggas and I got bitches You got niggas and I got bitches You got niggas and I got bitches You got niggas, I want you [Hook: PND] I want you, to turn up on me Every night when I see […]

Over Here Feat. Drake

[Verse 1: PARTYNEXTDOOR] Girl this summer, you’ll be looking for You’ll be looking for me while I’m riding in That brand new whip you wanted All I ever asked for was patience (That’s all I ever asked and you know it) Patience and pussy but mostly patience Swear I used to keep you faded Now […]

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