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Drake Discusses “Worst Behaviour” Video With Revolt TV (Video)

When Drake released the visuals for “Worst Behaviour” he definitely had everyone buzzing.  In this segment from his Revolt TV interview he talks about shooting the video in Memphis and the false statements people make about him and his life.

As you probably know, many people have tried to make false claims about Drake’s life but, despite those claims, it’s easy to tell that Drake is both an authentic artist and person. As he said in “Pound Cake”, “authentic, real name, no gimmicks”. When speaking on the subject he said the following:

I grew up there, a lot of people look at me and talk a lot of sh-t about how they think I grew up and who they think I am and I get it, all the jokes and sh-t [but] it’s whatever, I let it roll off because I always figure like, I’m not a self-proclaimed type of guy.” He then continued saying, “I’m not gonna tell you what I been through. I will in my music but I’m not gonna sit here and plead with you to understand that I’m not some rich kid or some overly emotional guy or any more emotional than the next man, I’m actually a human being in touch with myself. I’m not here to tell you I’m the king of anything, I’m not here to tell you I’m the best and this video is kind of one of those moments where it’s like, I told you you’d understand one day.” 

Throughout the video we can see several appearences made by Drake’s dad and the rest of his family. I got a scene outside of my grandmother’s house where my whole family is with me, a hundred deep,” Drake said, “people are [just] gonna be like, ‘Is that even real?’ And that’s my real family, that’s where I grew up. The video is vivid.” Well, I don’t think he could have said it any better! Check out a clip from the interview below.

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  • That’s the thing guys aren’t in touch with themselves, he doesn’t realize how fake people are and how being himself makes him so real to a point where it’s misunderstand, people misunderstand me a lot because of how I am about things.

  • DrOVOandLipstick

    It is vivid and I loved it! I really did! I loved that he showed that part of him.

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