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Listen to Coach Calipari Interview Drake on his Cal Cast Podcast (Podcast)

Drake’s love for Coach Calipari and the University of Kentucky runs deep. So much so that in an interview with the Kentucky Men’s basketball coach, Drake dishes on More Life, acting and more.

Drake and Coach John Calipari go way back. They even have a bromance of sorts as Drake has performed at UK Midnight Madness, he even joined the men’s basketball team during their warm ups and basically reps UK any chance he gets. Well Drake made it a point to stop by Coach Calipari’s podcast to talk about More Life, getting his start in acting, what made him go back to high school and various other gems. Calipari took to twitter to share the interview.

Check out some highlights and listen to the full podcast below.

Drake on why he takes professionalism so serious now:

After telling a story of trying to be cool and fit in and getting high for the first time before his first audition ever. Drake says he immediately regretted it and it helped shape his current outlook on professionalism. “From that moment forward….I take everything I do so seriously especially performances. I’ll never let myself ever jeopardize my career for something like that…and still to this day. I’ll never get intoxicated before I have to do something serious because of Degrassi and just because of that situation I was in. It actually kind of really shaped my entire attitude towards professionalism. It’s funny to happen at 15 years old, 16 years old.”

Drake on why he reconnected with his old teacher and got his high school diploma: 

After speaking on Coach Cal and his amazing basketball program that inspired him to finish school and the feeling he got visiting the school, Drake talks about reconnecting with his favorite teacher from grades 9-11. “I asked her to help me graduate. I felt like I was doing it just to honor what I’d seen in Lexington and that feeling that I had like I was apart of something. Along with obviously doing it for my mother who’s a retired teacher, I really had the desire to finish.”

Drake on the longest he’s been in the studio and his biggest fear in life:

“Doing long stretches is like the norm for me. I’ll sleep for like about 6 hours and get like a fourteen hour run in. When a project is coming to a close we’ve gone to extremes to finish things. I’ve had an air mattress set up in the recording space where I’ll just try and grab like 20 minutes here an hour here. I’ve gone like 5 days straight without a solid 6 or 8 hours sleep. It’s just about the time you’re willing to put in. My biggest fear is always when I’m not doing it there’s someone else that’s doing it. In the front of my mind, not the back of my mind, in the front of my mind is that there’s someone else that’s not relaxing right now.

Drake on the one artist he’d still like to work with:

“40 he got an amazing opportunity early on in my career to work with Sade on a remix to one of her songs. I was this close to being on it but at that point in my career she went and put Jay-Z on it, which obviously is understandable. That was always one for me like ahhh I missed that, Sade moment. My star wasn’t there yet for her to like hear me out. That’d be my one artist that I’d like to work with.”

Drake on one artist dead or alive that he’d like to sit down with:

“I definitely would have loved to sit with Bob Marley. I’ve listened to his music my entire life, I’ve studied his life. And just listening to him speak in interviews that I’ve seen and knowing what he stood for, I would’ve just have loved to understand where his mind was at. And of course work together, but that’s a whole other story. Him or Aaliyah. She’s part of the reason I decided to sing and rap stemming from a conversation I had with my dad about how Aaliyah made music that you didn’t necessarily feel self-conscious listening to as a man.”

Drake on ‘More Life’:

“Normally artist in-between projects would do a mixtape, but I’m doing a playlist with apple. It’s sort of the same concept..it’s not an album. It’s a body of work I am creating to sort of bridge the gap between my major releases. To keep people excited, give them new music and let them know that I’m still hungry. I’m doing it to be remembered as a forward-thinker. I want to be remembered much like those people we just discussed as an emotion evoking artist.”

Drake on acting and producing/hosting first annual NBA Awards this year:

“I think after I release ‘More Life’ which is this playlist I’m working on and finish this tour I think I’m really going to position myself in the acting world and hopefully take some great roles. I’m working on producing things and developing. I’m actually producing and hosting the first annual NBA awards this year. I get to take the reigns on it, the ESPY’s let me do great things and I thank them a lot for that. We’ll just expand on that.”

Drake on his mom and their hardships early on:

“I think the toughest thing for us that we went through together my mom being a single parent mother and being down to nothing. Having absolutely nothing in the bank and having really no means to try and turn the situation around. My father as great of a guy as he is wasn’t necessarily in the picture at that time to help us out. That obviously pushed me, I realized it was up to me.”


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