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Drake Makes Everything Sound Better; The Ellen Show

Drake Makes Everything Sound Better (Video)

This past Friday Drake was a special guest on ‘Ellen’. He sat down for a fun interview and even performed “Hold On, We’re Going Home”.

While on the show last week, Ellen decided that Drake had ‘one of those voices’. She then decided to start a new segment called “Drake has one of those voices where he can make anything sound sexy”. Very fitting title. In the below video, Drake describes some not so appealing items, but makes them sound wonderful. Nice segment Ellen. Would definitely like to see some more of this.


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Drake "Hold On, We're Going Home" Parody
Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home (Video)
  • Dro and Lipstick


  • lmao

  • Sati

    Now I want to change my toner cartridge.

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