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Drake Says He Aspires To Be Marvin Gaye; Will Never Make 'Straight Rap Album'

Drake Says He Aspires To Be Marvin Gaye; Will Never Make An Album With “Straight Rap”

If you were looking for Drake to just rap on ‘Nothing Was The Same’, you might be disappointed. Though those publications that have heard the album say Drake puts rapping to the forefront, melody will always be included in his music.

That is according to Drake himself. In an interview with MTV, Drake says he never plans to make a “straight rap album”. ‘This album is not some straight rap album. I’ll never do a straight rap album. That’s not how I came into this and it’s never what I’ll do”, says Drake. He also states that with this album he believes he has been more concise with his thoughts versus on ‘Take Care’. Watch the interview below. We now have the tracklist and a little over two weeks to go. Nothing Was The Same coming September 24th.


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  • Yesss, he’s singing, I was kind of worried about him making a full rap album, I felt like the negativity got to him about singing. This is why I love him more than Earl lol. He stayed true to himself no matter what people said about him. This is how I aspire to grow as person.

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