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Drake Calls "Pound Cake" Feat. Jay Z "Light Up" Part II

Drake Says He Believes “Pound Cake” Feat. Jay Z Is A “Light Up” Part II

At the FIFA14 launch party last night in NYC, MTV News caught up with Drake for an interview to talk ‘Nothing Was The Same’. During the interview, Nadeska Alexis asked Drake about the Jay Z featured “Pound Cake” and his mindset when recording the song.

On Drake’s debut album ‘Thank Me Later’ one of the standout tracks is of course “Light Up” which features Jay-Z. In his verse Jay Z gives Drake advice and warns him of how the rap game can be. “Drake, here’s how they gon come at you, with silly rap feuds trying to distract you.”, raps Jay Z. On “Pound Cake” the pair re-unite as both deliver memorable verses. In this interview Drake says the line, “I’m the big homie they still be tryna lil bro me dawg like I should fall in line” is a reminder to people that he’s not searching for his place and knows where he fits into the rap game. Drake also tells MTV, that he loves rapping with Jay-Z. Hopefully in the future we continue to get great collaborations from them. Watch the interview below.

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