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Drake Talks New Music, Chris Brown, Moving To LA And More

A Drake interview. Out of the blue? We’ll take it. If you’re not familiar each week rap journalist Elliott Wilson does a segment with East Village Radio (EVR). This week’s guest was none other than Drizzy Drake.

Drake stopped by and spoke on a number of things. I mean a number of things. If you had any questions, Drake probably answered it in this interview. For instance, I’m sure many had been wondering what happened to ‘OVOXO’. Drake addressed this and the answer is nothing really. Drake said he still talks to The Weeknd all the time and is excited for his new music. There has been no parting of ways.

Another example is the situation with him and Chris Brown. Drake like many others, is tired of hearing about it and believes the media has fueled a lot of things.“I make better music than him. I am more popping than him. At one point the woman he loves fell into my lap. His insecurities are the reason I make better music than him.” In the words of Drake, just “Leave It Alone”.

More importantly, Drake talked new music which he said we can expect next week! Two new songs. I repeat we can expect new music next week. Drake assures us that he is not straying away from singing and we can expect some more of that R&B Drizzy soon.

Also, a lot of you have been asking me and Drake is indeed single! “I’m not in relationship mode. I’m just in focused mode.”

In the interview, Drake also addressed moving to LA, Future, Kendrick Lamar, and many more things. Take a listen to the interview below. Shouts to YN for asking questions that matter! This is one for the books. ‘Nothing Was The Same’ coming soon.



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