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J.Cole Talks Being Mistake For Drake

J.Cole Talks Being Mistaken For Drake (Video)

So I just came across this video on Tumblr and though it isn’t that recent it is still funny. In an interview with KIIS FM 102.7, J.Cole is asked a series of questions that include “Have you ever been mistaken for the wrong celeb?”.

His immediate answer is, “Yes! Chris Brown. Drake.” J.Cole then goes on to tell a specific instance where a fan thought he was a Drake and thanked him for making “Say Something”. I’d have to say J.Cole played that really well and was humble. Watch the video below and see Cole’s reaction at the 0:54 mark. I guess its that light skinned power!


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  • The phone part was hilarious “I’m sorry J.Cole, I got caught up in the moment”

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