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Jamie Foxx: “Drake Is Going To Be A Surprise For The Next Two Decades” (Video)

‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’ hits theaters in the US tomorrow and Jamie Foxx has a starring role. He has been doing promo all over and recently talked with MTV News where he chatted about predicting Drake’s success and being proud of him.

Not only have they collaborated before, but Drake has stated in various interviews that Jamie Foxx is one of his biggest inspirations. Drake is up to host the ESPYs this year and in a recent interview he had this to say of Jamie, “I watched a guy that I look up to in every aspect of life, Jamie Foxx, do it. I always say, if I can follow in his footsteps, that’ll be a great career for me.”

In the below interview with Jamie Foxx, he tells of bringing Drake to the Conan O’ Brien show years ago. “You may not know who this is [Drake], but in a couple of years the whole word will know”. This statement has definitely held true. Jamie also says he suggest movie roles to Drake so hopefully he makes a return to the big screen sometime in the near future. Watch the interview below. 

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