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Mac Miller Says His Goal For 2014 Is To “Do As Drake Does”

Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller recently sat down with WiLD 94.9 for a short interview in which he says his plan for 2014 is to “D.A.D.D” or “Do As Drake Does”.

Mac is one to give credit where credit is due, as he has shown love to Drake in multiple interviews and on Twitter in the past. Today, he announces his plan for 2014, D.A.D.D.

“Look, this is the name of the game for 2014. D.A.D.D. , Do As Drake Does. Drake got the game on lock, if you want to watch how anyone releases music and puts out an album, watch Drake.”

“What I like about how Drake puts out his albums… and this isn’t a diss to anyone, because I’ve done like a cool album roll out and it’s like a thing. What I like about how Drake does it is, he just lets the music do it. He doesn’t do anything that’s crazy, anything a spectacle, he doesn’t go over the top, he’s just like “Oh here’s my single, here’s my songs” just like how it’s been done for years and years and years, but the music is so good that it sells his albums so I’m just D.A.D.D., Do As Drake Does.”

Mac also touches briefly on Nothing Was The Same and says he feels people are sleeping on how good it is.

“People are sleeping on how good that album is too. I’m not with that… I like ‘Too Much’ a lot, I’m a big softie.”

Can’t say we disagree with him. Nothing Was The Same was a phenomenal album and it definitely doesn’t get the credit it’s due. The way Drake puts out music is effortless and gains a huge attraction of crowds. Drake is one of the smartest businessmen/artists in the game and it is great to see his peers acknowledge that. Hit the 2:00 mark to watch Mac Miller speak on Drake!

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