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PARTYNEXTDOOR Talks Working With Drake, His Musical Style, And Beats Headphones (Video)

This past Tuesday before performing at an MCM x Beats by Dre event in New York City, PARTYNEXTDOOR sat down with Rob Markman of MTV News for an exclusive interview.

Up until now Party has remained very private and has not given any interviews. This changed recently as he landed his first magazine cover with FADER where he delivered his highly anticipated first interview. He’s now back with a new video interview where he talks working with Drake, his musical style, Beats by Dre headphones, his live show, and more!

Check out a few excerpts from the interview and watch full video below.

On working with Drake:

“He lets me do whatever I want to do, and he accepts it and he understands it a lot. Us being from very similar places, he really understands the things that I say. The lingo that we have, the culture that I was raised in, he could understand because a lot of his friends are Jamaican. I was raised in a Jamaican household, all my friends are Jamaican, so we just relate a lot culturally. It helps when a superstar that’s making #1’s, actually understands you.”

On being a private person:

“All I care about is the music, that’s probably why. Me and Tyler, my friend, we were talking about this on the way here. It’s just a lot of extra sh-t that people do that I don’t think is necessary.”

On using Auto-Tune:

“Yeah, just for the sake of where music is at. If I was making music 10 years ago, I definitely wouldn’t be using it. PNDTWO, I didn’t use a lot of Auto-Tune on a lot of my R&B songs, but I don’t care to tell people that because it’s more of a creative thing. It’s more of being a producer to be like, this is what this song needs to catch people’s ear. If I want the song to be in that lane it has to have this sort of vibe to it. But yeah, I don’t perform [live] with Auto-Tune.”

On whether he prefers Jodeci or Boyz II Men:

“Jodeci, but if my mom was listening I’d say Boyz II Men. But I would personally rather listen to Jodeci.”

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