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Rich Homie Quan Says It's Not To Late For Drake To Remix "Type Of Way"

Rich Homie Quan Tells Drake It’s Not Too Late For “Type Of Way” Remix

After OVO Fest, Drake did an interview with MTV and spoke on various topics. One of those topics was Rich Homie Quan’s “Type Of Way” which he called the song of the summer and said he regrets not adding a verse to the song. Rich Homie Quan recently spoke to MTV News about Drake’s reaction to the song and meeting him for the first time.

Rich Homie Quan revealed that he met Drake at Birthday Bash in Atlanta and admits that Drake is one of his major influences and that he’s surprised he took notice of “Type of Way”. As far as a remix goes, Rich Homie Quan says it’t not to late for Drake to get on a remix and that he plans to reach out to him.  “We still haven’t released the official remix, so it’s not too late for Drake.  I’m gonna reach out to him and try to make this happen.”,  says Rich Homie Quan. I would definitely love to hear Drake float over that beat so hopefully it goes through. Read the excerpt from Rich Homie Quan’s interview below.

Rich Homie Quan calls Drake’s reaction to the track “crazy” and tells MTV News that he’s most definitely going to reach out for that verse.

“I met Drake for the first time at Birthday Bash, and he embraced me with one of those real hugs, then he told me “whatever you’re doing, man, keep doing it. I came here early just to see ‘Type of Way,'” the Atlanta rapper relayed. “And I’ve always been a big fan of Drake, that’s one of my major influences.”

He added that it’s definitely not too late to get him involved. “We still haven’t released the official remix, so it’s not too late for Drake,” he continued. “I’m gonna reach out to him and try to make this happen. I was just really surprised he even noticed the song and I’m just glad it’s [to his liking.]”

And since the song has become such an anthem, you’d better expect that Drake would be joined by an all-star cast on the remix. “I’d get other people on it also, because the song definitely went to another level and right now I’m feeling a different type of way about a lot of things,” Quan added laughing.

“We’ve been trying to keep [the features] a secret because when it hits it’s gonna hit hard. It’s partially done but I’m gonna reach out to Drake and see if we can make some magic, [because] I’ve always been a fan of his.”


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  • premonition2386

    This type of track would allow drake to throw shots back and kendrick and papoose real quick, I can see his flow being crazy on the remix.

    • lol I can hear him starting out like “These niggas make me feel some type of way…” He’ll body these niggas again.

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