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Shane Kippel AKA ‘Spinner’ Of Degrassi Shares Funny Story Of Working With Drake

Shane Kippel aka Spinner is one of Drake’s old castmastes from Degrassi. Over the years Drake and Shane have managed to stay in touch and support each others careers.

Yesterday, Shane (now of the band Dear Love) did an AMA Reddit where he answered various fan questions.

One fan asked Shane to share a “salacious” story about Drake in which he replied,  “One night he was the only reason I made it home from a party where my last memory is being wrapped around the porcelain god. On set the next day we told everyone I had food poisoning. It was not food poisoning.”

Another fan asked what he thought about Drake’s success to which he answered, “I’m really proud of my old buddy and all his successes that are growing by the day. We touch base from time to time, but it’s not like I need to talk to him to know what’s going on with him. And he knows he’s got my love and support! (He hooked me up with some OVO stuff for Dear Love’s first video too lol).”

A curious fan also wondered if he thought Drake and Cassie Steele would do a song together. Shane simply replied  and “Ahem.” with the below video.

Oh, the Degrassi days. Check the full interview HERE.



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