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ILOVEMAKONNEN Feat. Drake – Tuesday

[Hook] x 3

Got the club going up on a Tuesday

Got your girl in the cut and she choosy

Club going up on a Tuesday

Got your girl in the cut and she choosy



[Verse 1: Drake]

Squad going up, nobody flipping packs now

I just did three in a row, them shows is back to back to back now

Put the world on a sound. You know Party and The Weeknd

Ain’t got no motherfuckin time to party on the weekend

Tell Gelo bring the juice, we about to get lit

Fill the room up with some tings, one night off and this is it

Always working overtime, all the time and out of town

Shit is crazy back home, it kills me that I’m not around

I think we getting too deep, shit I’m talking might be too true

Upstairs I got Xan’s in the Advil bottle I don’t take them shits but you do (So I got em for you)

I don’t need them pills, I’m just gon have another drink

And when I’m putting work in on the weekend, I’ll look back on this and think

How we at the club going up…..

[Hook] x 2


Working Monday night on the corner flipping hard

Made at least 3,00o on the boulevard

I been working graveyard shifts, every other weekend

Aint go no fucking time to party on the weekend

I been flipping in the house make jugs on the highway

I been working out of state, making money like my way

I don’t think that I should dance, Im just gon have another drink

I’m doing my stance, you know my molly (?)

I got the loudest of the loud, you know my gas stink

My P.O. think I’m in the house, don’t give a damn what she think

[Hook] x 2


It aint no way no how, I made it on my own

I made my own style

I don’t think I should stay

You know I gotta go

You moving too fast, don’t wanna take it slow

[Hook] x 2


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