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Realest In The City – P Reign Feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR And Meek Mill

Sauga city trill one time…


On my way downtown for the girl who got the guarantee

Man I kill the town, seven seater in the Cherokee

White on white ghost, thats my little Amber Rose

Let the top peel back, let ‘Sauga see the mac

Little shawty from the way used to have a thing for me

Take the bricks up out the bands, now the whole team straight

We ain’t speaking for the city, we just talking bout the block

Yeah the whole team hot, yeah the whole team hot and you know it

Its paper, we blow it

Those niggas I roll with they got the thing for the 40

We riding through (yeah) That’s what you ‘posed to do (yeah)

When you the realest…


The realest niggas in the city

The realest niggas in the city

The realest niggas in the city

I would say realest nigga alive, but I don’t know none of these guys

The realest niggas in the city

These bitches there, they rolling with me

The realest niggas in the city

Would say the realest motherfucker alive, but I don’t really give a fuck about those guys (oh yeah)

[Verse 2: P.Reign]

Raising hell when I wrote this in the cell and posted bail

Man my boy just got convicted for a M and got an L

When yo mama got a rap sheet as long as yours you know its real

Got a package through the mail, whipped that then sold it to the mayor

I turn peasants into kings, I made winners out of losers

Say you love me, better suck me, I turn women into Hoovers

Praise the Lord hallelujah, Jesus pieces from the jeweler

Hate me, screw ya

Bitch I started as your favorite rapper shooter

(Brap, Brap, Brap)

It’s cold in the city, roll with a milli

Grind on 10, be home in a minute

Rap so long I could blow any minute

Just met a new chick that’ll blow if I’m with it

Ride for the Reps, dirty money baby life is a mess

No ice on ya chest, I can tell why you’re stressed

But I’m busy getting paid, I connect your connects


[Verse 3: Meek Mill]

This right here that trill shit

This that shit the hoes like

This that make that mill shit

Counting paper for the whole night

This that take yo girl shit, California was a long flight

Rodeo Drive spent 85 on my day one’s, they ? twice

To be blessed by the best

3 guns nothing less

We on, fuck the best

And all my niggas want the check

The money and power plus the respect

And I promise nothing less

I’m repping my team, I put my whole hood on this cream

They gotta fuck with that

Word up we the..



Uh, Uh, Uh

Realest motherfucker alive (We the realest)

We the, We the realest niggas

Realest motherfucker alive

We the realest

We the realest

We the realest

We the, we the realest niggas

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