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Drake feat. Chris Brown – Yamaha Mama

Here is some unreleased music from Drake feat. Chris Brown that happened to hit the internet today. This is not a new single, or new, just unreleased as there was a previous version with Soulja Boy. Enjoy anyways! Download and listen to the track after the jump. I think it’d be nice to hear more music from these two.


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  • i love this song <33

  • missesgraham

    <3 :) :*

  • “If we stop at the same red light imma celebrate the fact that I found ya girl” hha that’s sweet! yhea these two need to collab’ a few more times

  • VirgoSister

    Drake’s rap flow here reminds me when he rapped on Robin Thicke’s “Teach You A Lesson”. Love it, this song is cute!

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