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Romeo Santos feat. Drake Odio Lyric Video

Romeo Santos Feat. Drake – Odio (Lyric Video)

Yesterday Romeo Santos officially released his new single “Odio” which features Drake. Along with this, he has also released the official lyric video.

If you’re like me, you don’t’ really speak Spanish. Jajajajajajaja. This lyric video helps a little bit as I can read Spanish a little bit. A very kind fan translated Drake’s part to say the following, “I’m jealous, his kisses over your body. Jealousy takes over me this way. I hate this man who’s by your sir. I lost your love, I am such a poor man. Without your love, I am nothing.”

The reaction to this song has been great, especially from the ladies! If you haven’t already, listen to the track below, now with lyrics. It’d be quite dope to see a actual music video for this.

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  • DrOVOandLipstick

    Panties Burned Off!

  • Katherine Victoria

    Drake singing in Spanish, the girls gone go cray cray lol

  • That chorus sounds like the lost part of Find Your Love

  • Janisbeachum

    I like this song DRAKE and Romeo I think it,a a very sexy song

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