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Drake Crwn Interview

20 Things We Learned From Drake’s CRWN Interview

Tonight in New York City at NYU’s Skirball Center, Elliott Wilson held a CRWN interview with Drake. Before the show the line was wrapped around the building as fans eagerly awaited to be apart of this experience.

During the interview, Drake was both open and honest and shared valuable information. Drake’s producer and long time friend Noah ’40’ Shebib even joined him on stage at one point. The official videos will be online sometime this week via Elliott Wilson and we will post them as soon as they are available. For now you can read our Twitter Timeline, and view some highlights below (in no particular order).

1. Drake Shared That His Mom Was Upset With Him About “Too Much”

2. Drake’s Favorite Songs Right Now On ‘Nothing Was The Same’ Are “Too Much” and “Worst Behavior”

3.  On Drake’s collaboration with Justin Timberlake “Cabaret” he gave Justin 24 bars and says “I may have even sang a Lil Boosie song”

4. Drake lurks online a lot. You may not see him, but he’s there.

5. The Video for “Hold On, We’re Going Home” is coming this week! 

6. Drake plans to do a full album with ONLY singing.

7. Beyonce and Drake have worked together! Uh-Oh….

8. “Pound Cake” was originally meant to be on Jay-Z’s album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’. 

9. Drake says he was NOT watching Miley Cyrus’ performance during the VMA’s.

10. Drake is not going anywhere anytime soon and plans to stick around. He has a vision…

11. There is a song that Drake has with Wu-Tang that will be releasing soon. 

12. Ghostface Killah called Drake the other day to say that he is one of his favorite MC’s and he’s a big fan.

13. Drake wants to blur the lines and not be strictly a rapper, or r&b singer. 

14. Drake does not like for people to ever be able to predict his next move.

15. Kanye is who Drake considers his competition. Not worried about anyone else.

16. The Aaliyah album that Drake was executive producing was scrapped due to media being in the mix.

17. Drake wants to build personal relationships with his fans. If you’re female, you can have a hug.

18. Oliver is the one who inspires Drake to expand & balance his music. 40 & Detail did on NWTS as well.

19. If Drake could have any collaboration with anyone dead or alive it would be Aaliyah/Sade.

20. Drake wore the Jaden Smith shirt last night at iHeart Radio Festival because his face was just so priceless at that moment. 

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