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Drake x Beyonce Mine

Beyonce feat. Drake – Mine (Video)

Only a few months after Drake announced the collaboration between Houston superstar Beyonce and Toronto’s own, we are suprisingly treated to the collaboration as Beyonce drops a new self titled visual album out on iTunes out of no where.
Throughout the smooth collaboration ‘Mine’ we get a chance to hear Drake and Beyonce sing in harmony, which leaves for a beautiful song. After seeing the turn out of this, we can only hope that there is more to come from the two. Stream the single below produced by 40 and also co-written by Jordan of Majid Jordan! OVO Sound.

UPDATE: We finally get our hands on the video. Amazing how they fused Beyonce and Drake’s parts together. Well done, Beyonce. Stream below

[Alternate Video]

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  • It’s different and I like it, inspiring

  • Akiva Howard

    be nice if the mine link worked

  • DrOVOandLipstick

    People are getting mad at me…but you know that you made it when Beyonce sounds like you and copies you because in “Drunk In Love” if you are a Drake Fan and you Know when the beat finna drop that dancing that he does she does that in “Drunk in Love” it you watch closely and she copies his way of saying things in “Mine”.

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  • Daman Bhamra

    his face at 3:18…<3<3

  • Sonya B

    I absolutely love the video! and the song! Its honest…. The most honesty I think we’ve heard from her than on her other albums. the video is so artistic. I was trying to understand the concept….. I think the beginning represents the innocence and purity of love and being a mother…… The desert represents the “rough terrain” in the relationship, loneliness, and sort of feeling “deserted”. I really love all the contrasts of the grainy sand and the soft flow of the attire on the dancers……… and Aubrey was great too, lol!

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