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Drake Is “The Favorite Artist” In Quite A Few States

Music Machinery has created a map of each state’s favorite artist and Drake is included in the bunch.

From streaming data compiled by The Echo Nest, we can take a look at each state’s favorite artist. The artist that gets streamed the most in that particular state gets the title of favorite artist.

Jay-Z, Macklemore, and Drake take most of the states. Jay-Z rules a bit of the South and a big chunk of the East while Macklemore takes over the Midwest. Drake takes a generous piece of the Southwest and the South including one of the biggest states, Texas.

Check out the map above to see whose the favorite artist in your state.

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  • Apparently Drake needs to do more shows in the South…like ARKANSAS and MEMPHIS…..hint fuckin hint…

  • My state would pick Lorde…sheesh!

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