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Drake is #4 on Forbes list of highest paid entertainers

“Whole city goin’ crazy, top 5 no debating” – Drake

Jumping from #69 to #4, our very own 6 God has earned $94 million(or £74.06m). Outside of music and touring, his many business ventures and endorsements aid his rise in his rise on the list. He falls just below JK Rowling and above Cristiano Ronaldo, definitely putting him in good company.

Full top ten list of Forbes highest paid entertainers:

1) Sean Combs – $130m (£102m)

2) Beyoncé – $105m (£87.2m)

3) JK Rowling – $95m (£74.8m)

4) Drake – $94m (£74.06m)

5) Cristiano Ronaldo – $93m (£73.2m)

6) The Weeknd – $92m (£72.45m)

7) Howard Stern – $90m (£70.86m)

8) Coldplay – $88m (£69.33m)

9) James Patterson – $87m (£68.53m)

10) LeBron James – $86m (£67.8m)


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