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Drake Announces He Is A Part Of The Team Jordan Family (Video)

Last night before taking the stage in Portland, Drake took to Instagram to show off a sample pack of OVO Jordans. Later, while on stage, he announced that he was now a part of the Jordan brand.

Drake described yesterday as one of the best days of his life and went on to talk about how he idolized Michael Jordan growing up. This then led up to his big announcement of officially being a part of the Team Jordan family. Check out the video below. Congratulations Drake!

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  • Things just get better for this guy, someone I can always be proud of, I don’t wear Jordans, but I’ll buy some with the OVO on it.

    • DrOVOandLipstick

      I don’t either but now I do!

    • Asia James

      And if Nike was REALLY smart, they would make them in smaller sizes, too, to accommodate Drake’s huge female fanbase…

      • Guest

        ..but this might turn guys off, wearin’ a shoe that females can wear too. Oh well…

        • DrOVOandLipstick

          No way! Especially when you match (I don’t know if couples) still do that! They should make wedge sneakers and then reg. sneakers (for the guys)

      • Yea, that would be the best thing to do, his fan base is like 95% women literally lol

  • DrOVOandLipstick


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