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Drake Appears On David Blaine’s ‘Beyond Magic’ Special With Dave Chappelle And Steph Curry (Video)

Last night David Blaine’s ‘Beyond Magic’ special aired on ABC. Drake was included in the special along with Dave Chappelle, Steph Curry, and Jimmy Butler.

Drake’s scene seems to have been shot during All Star Weekend earlier this year. David Blaine asked Dave Chappelle to draw a small creature that could fit in the palm of Drake’s hand to which he cracked a joke about Meek Mill. After some laughs, Blaine held out a champagne glass and frogs began to come out of his mouth. This of course amazed the room and they were in shock. Drake’s reaction was probably the funniest when Blaine asked him to hold the glass that the frogs were in.

Watch the video below.

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