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Drake Rihanna WYLAT Paris

Drake Brings Rihanna Out To Perform “Take Care” And “Pour It Up” In Paris (Video)

Tonight Drake performed at the Bercy in Paris for a second night as part of ‘Would You Like A Tour?’. As a total surprise, Rihanna hit the stage with him and they performed their mega-hit “Take Care”.

This is the 1st time the pair has performed “Take Care” live since its 2011 release. Their on-stage chemistry during the performance was amazing and left fans wanting more. After they performed “Take Care”, Rihanna sang “Pour It Up” as Drake danced around. After she left the stage, Rihanna was spotted side stage rapping along to “Started From The Bottom”. One thing is for sure, Drake and Rihanna definitely gave Paris a night to remember. Check some footage from the show below.


Drake And Rihanna “Take Care” Full Video

Drake And Rihanna “Take Care”


Pour It Up

Rihanna Rapping “Started From The Bottom”

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