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Drake Brings Out Big G And Weensey Of The Backyard Band In DC

Drake Brings Out Weensey And Big G Of The Backyard Band In DC (Video)

For Halloween Drake hit DC for his ‘Would You Like A Tour?’ show at the Verizon Center. As special guests, he brought to the stage the DMV’s own Weensey and Big G of the ‘Backyard Band’.

Some of you may recognize a portion of the song they are singing as Wale’s “Pretty Girls” which features the Backyard Bands own, Weensey. Props to Drake for showing love to the DMV and their movement. Additionally, the owl mascot [OB] made its first appearance on stage as well as OVORyan. TOPSZN is the regime. Check out the performances below.

Weensey and Big G In DC

The Regime On Stage

Full Set

Backyard Band – Pretty Girls [Original Song]

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