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Drake Featured Four Times On Complex’s Best Songs Of 2012

2012 has definitely been a great year for Drake and OVO. As the year comes to a close, many music publications are doing their annual end of the year lists. Though its been a while since Drake has dropped a song as the main artist, his features have been killing the game. Complex has done their annual list of “50 Best Songs Of 2012”  and Drake has made the list four times with his features. Check to see which songs made the cut after the jump.

#3 – Stay Schemin

“Stay Schemin'” was the best single from Rick Ross’ massive Rich Forever, and even stands above anything released from his proper album, God Forgives, I Don’t. It’s a continuation of the chilling sound Drake and Ross had already developed on a string of collaborative singles, from “I’m On One” to “Aston Martin Music,” and French Montana’s slurred style perfectly complemented the ambiance.

From Montana’s hilarious catchy “fanute” to Drake’s sympathetic shout out to Kobe Bryant, and Rozay’s paranoid opening bars, “Stay Schemin'” remains the stark, ominous soundtrack to the emotional turbulence of 2012.DD

#17 – No Lie

2 Chainz and Drake are in full-on shit-talking mode for “No Lie,” making the record notable for their high-level braggadocio alone. That’s particularly true when Chainz snaps for his third verse, going slightly off-beat to shoot verbal threats at his enemies. Drizzy, too, is no slouch with his rhymes, dropping bravado like “Young as an intern, but money like I built the shit.”

But the true winner here is Mike Will Made It, whose star power has risen considerably in the past year. With good reason, of course, as he’s clearly mastered the craft of making menacing trap beats accessible for a wider audience by adding lush layers that are admirable from any musical perspective.AM

#21 –  Fuckin’ Problems

In 2011, A$AP Rocky, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar made names for themselves. (Meanwhile, the already proven Drake showed he was arguably the best rapper working.) In 2012, they all upped the ante and took their bubbling-beneath-the-surface potential to new heights, dropping hit songs and smash albums. (Drake didn’t drop an album, much less a solo single, but remained an omnipotent force in hip-hop).

We knew that all four of these guys on one song was going to be a fucking problem, and when they all show up in beast mode, ready to fuck your girl, trying to outdo each other at every turn, the enormous possibility of the record is fully realized, a rarity for much-hyped collaborations. –IA

#29 – Pop That

Once you accept that “Pop That” is pure, unadulterated rap music for the (strip) clubs, you’ll also realize how goddamn inescapably enjoyable it is, too. With French Montana leading the way and throwing down his “work!” ad-libs all over the monstrous production, the track gives way to loveable, explicit rhymes from Rick Ross, Drake, and Lil Wayne.

But let’s be real: you’re not listening to “Pop That” because you want to hear sharp punchlines or slick 16s. You’re listening to it because you’re on a dance floor somewhere, or in a car with the volume cranked up and your friends losing their shit. Also, that Uncle Luke sample? Perfect. — AM


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