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Drake Dad Portrait Tattoo

Drake Adds To His Tattoo Collection With Mini Portrait Of His Father (Photos)

This past Saturday night before arriving to 1 Oak nightclub in Hollywood, Drake was spotted leaving Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor. He has now taken to Instagram to show off his new tattoo which happens to be a portrait of his father, Dennis Graham.

Drake Dad Portrait Tattoo

Last year on November 18th, Drake was making headlines as he showed homage to Houston by getting the Houston Astros ‘H’ tattooed. Drake added to the collection with this new tattoo which he received from Dr. Woo of Shamrock Social Club. Dr. Woo uploaded the above picture with the caption, “Fun Mini portrait from a mugshot of @champagnepapi’s dad”.

Drake has actually posted the original picture before on Instagram.


Drake also has his mother, grandmother, uncle, Aaliyah and many other tattoos on his back. Wonder what he’ll get next?


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