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Drake Heads Back To Marvin’s Room

You remember the song. I mean how could anyone really forget. “I’m just saying you could do better. Tell me have you heard that lately.”, Drake sings. It seems like just yesterday the song dropped, but it has almost been two years.

At 6:28 A.M. on June 11th, 2011, Drake took to the OVO blog and released to be what I believe one of the best songs in his catalogue. Marvin’s Room. Upon its release, Drake simply left a link to the song and the following note to listeners, “Another piece of the story. Single coming in July. Take Care coming Oct. 24th.” I myself remember when this song dropped as I was asleep. I remember hearing my phone go off and looking at the clock knowing it wasn’t quite time for work yet. I then looked and saw that it was a tweet from the @WelcomeOVO account (Oliver) and it was a title of the song. I sped to my desktop opened up the song and the rest is history.

This was quite a special moment because it meant the Drake drought was over! A month previously, Drake had quenched fans’ thirst and dropped “Dreams Money Can Buy”. This song with its Jai Paul sample and 40 production set the internet on fire. However, this was no comparison to the response Drake received when he dropped “Marvins Room”. Many were asleep like myself and didn’t find out about the song till later. When people did find out, the feedback was amazing. The song trended all day on Twitter and the lyrics were immediately plastered everywhere. Much like his other songs, it spawned a slew of remixes. It did so great that Drake included it on his GRAMMY award winning album ‘Take Care’. “Marvins Room” showcased just how quickly Drake could command the peoples attention.

Early this morning, Drake took to Instagram and posted a few pictures (below). The first picture was of Drake and Future in the studio smoking hookah. The next was a picture of Marvin Gaye with the caption “Marvin’s Room”. The final picture of the trio, was a picture of the words “Marvin’s Court” painted on the ground next to Drake’s car. It became quite evident at this point that Drake was back in Marvin’s Room.

For those who are unaware, the song title “Marvin’s Room” derives from the studio in which Drake recorded the song. The studio is actually called Marvin’s Room and is located in Hollywood, California. It is named after the late, but great Marvin Gaye. Marvin made some of his greatest songs in the studio and so have many other greats.

Does Drake’s visit back to this studio mean we the listeners will receive another song reminiscent of “Marvin’s Room”? Well, that is beyond me. What I can say is that from the looks of everything, Drake has been hitting the studio very heavily and one thing is for sure. Album time is inching closer and closer and we’re well on our way to hearing ‘Nothing Was The Same’.



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Elliott WIlson Drake Keep It Thoro
  • This just made me so excited! I can’t wait for his new album! <3

  • So excited! Expect nothing best the best.

  • OVOJames

    I’m fucking amped yo

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