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Drake OVO Fest Tickets To Go On Sale This Week

As promised, here is all the ticket information for this years OVO Fest which takes places Sunday August 5th at the Molson Amphitheater in Toronto. This years openers include 2chainz, A$AP Rocky, and The Weeknd. Tickets go on sale THIS week starting wednesday with the AMEX card presale. Prices range from 47.45 – 112.45 Canadian Dollars (50-120 American roughly). Catch all the ticket info after the jump. To view the seating chart and for more info go HERE. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below and I will answer!

Wednesday June 6th

American Express Card Presale 10Am (EST) – For American Express Cardholders Only

Friday June 8th

Live Nation Presale 10am (EST) – Password Given From Livenation Through Email

Radio Presale 10am (EST) – Flow 93.5 (Toronto) Usually Gives Out Passcode On Their Site That Can Be Used

Saturday June 9th

General Public 10am (EST) – Everyone Can Buy Tickets

UPDATE: Livenation Presale Password = Amplify

Radio Presale Password = Flow

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  • Which sale does Team Drizzy usually get their tickets from?

    • Both the presale and the general public…They do release floor seats during the pres-ale so I would start with that.

  • Do you know what seats they normally release during the presale? I’m looking in the 100s section and I usually never have any luck. So I’m debating if I should try for presale or just wait for it to open to general public. Thanks Meg!!

    • They release all sections even floor…presale is really your best bet..last year public was not that great…Definitely go with presale..refresh refresh refresh. Be prepared.

  • How do we get Presale password?

    • Livenation sends out an email with the password for those who have Drake as a favorite, are on their list, live in the area, etc. Its always sent through email though. 

  • how are the AMEX presale seats? do they release good seats? I’m wanting the 100 level, but I’ve tried presales before (not AMEX though) and they usually reserve not so great seats. This will be my first AMEX try. 

    • Yeah Amex usually isnt that good. Presale is usually better. You can always try AMEX and if that doesnt work out go for presale since they are the day after each other.

  • If you live in the U.S do you need a passport?

  • is there a specific date they send you the password for presale?

  • REALsarina

    When are they selling VIP tickets? I know last year they were 345/385 and that there was a special section… Please let me know

    • Not sure because last year they waited until AFTER general public onsale tickets….

  • REALsarina

    Hey Meg, do you know when the VIP tickets go on sale? Last year they had them cu

  • REALsarina

    Hey Meg, do you know uen

  • Will tour jackets be available for purchase at the concert? Also, anyway you guys can help me out with tickets? I don’t mind purchasing them…but I will be flying out from California so I would really like to get the best seats :D

  • Do the LIVENATIONS Presale password get sent out right before the tickets go on sale?

  • Not sure why my last comment was not posted….I’ll ask again.
    Are tour jackets gonna be available for purchase? How many people does the venue seat? Finally, is there a way you can help out people flying from really far away. I live in Cali and would love to come, but I want to have great seats, whatever the price may be.

    • Not sure about jackets…they very well might have this years edition for sale by then. Venue not sure some thousands of people…and I can try my best to help 

  • When do they send out the 
    LIVENATIONS Presale password? 

  • Hey Meg, I was wondering when are they going to release VIP tickets? I know last year they were out a couple of weeks before the OVO fest… I’ve been saving up for them and counting down the days since last year’s OVO fest. And do the VIP tickets include floor seats? Or are they going to get an additional package for VIP tickets to add on regular tickets?  Please let me know, thanks girl!

  • Hey Meg! I was wondering when are they going to release the VIP/Gold package tickets? Because I know last year they went on sale mid/late July and do those tickets include floor seats? Or are they doing the add on with livenation where VIP is purchased aside like his Club Paradise tour? I’ve been saving up since last year’s OVO fest and would like to know! Do you think I’m better off purchasing floor tickets then exchanging them for VIP tickets? I have the money I just don’t want to end up with 2 sets of tickets… thanks!

  • Danielle Wong

    Are the AMEX pre-sale tickets on the lawn or are they actual seats?

  • When does the sale end?!!!

  • Melanie Jagroop

    Would you be able to tell me how much floor tickets and tickets in the 100s, 200s, 300s etc go for? Thanks! :) 

    • MissDrizzyOVO

      go to ticketmaster..and type in drake…prices there..but the most is $120

    • Floor seats are $112.45 Canadian..goes down from there..lowest is 47.45

  • sadeovoxo

    i just added drake to my favourites on live nation..im planning on buying the front of the line american express tickets tomorrow, will they still send me the presale password or is it too late because i just added him?

    • MissDrizzyOVO

      nope not too late ! however presale isnt’ until wednesday…but if you “like” the livenation page on facebook..there is a 
      “pre-sale” tab and you just gotta click there and itll show up ..probably won’t be there until tomorrow though !

  • Juniorsoccermonster

    are they going to be having meet & greets this year? and if so what would be the approximate price?

    • MissDrizzyOVO

      yessss this i would love to know!

    • Not sure they havent released that info yet, but last year they did release a meet & greet ticket with the 200’s section AFTER the general public tickets went on sale..so keep checking. 

  • how do you get the livenation password?

    • You can go to livenation’s facebook and hit the presale tab..or if you live in the area or have bought tickets before they send it in a livenation email.

  • what are the chances of me getting floor seats if i wait till the presale on friday

  • i got my hotel room already so I’m pumped

  • What site do we go on to buy tickets for the presale for AMEX card holders would it still be on ticket master? or?

  • Live Nation Presale 10am (EST) – Password Given From Livenation Through Email ( how does this work?? ) 

    • They send a pw through email or you can go to livenations facebook and click the presale tab

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  • ToyaSharee

    Hey Meg. Thanks for all you do for the Drizzy fans!  Do tickets usually sell out fast?  I don’t think I’ll be doing the pre-sale thing, but I plan to try and buy as soon as the general sale starts and I just want to make sure I snag tickets.  At this point, where I am sitting isn’t even a priority. I’ll just be happy to attend.

    • No problem and YES trust me…they go very quickly it gets worse every year as more people attempt to come..do presale..go to flow935.com and they have a presale pw up for friday also livenation has one as well that day

      • ToyaSharee

        Thanks Meg! I am going to do the Flow935 pre-sale.  I see they gave a code.  Is there someone I have to type it in when I get to Ticketmaster?  Thanks for all the help.  This’ll be my first time if I get tickets!

  • If I want pit seats, the seats at the very front, and I get on the presale AMEX tomorrow, how likely am I to get tickets?

    • Pit seats are extremely hard to get. Most of those are reserved and not included in the sale, a good portion of them at least. AMEX people usually get 100, 200’s or 300’s…livenation presale is the best bet to get good 100 seats you gotta be quick though and ready 

  • on ticket master it says 
    CA $121.00 (CA $103.75 Ticket + CA $17.25 Fees) 
    So do we still have to pay tax?

    • I think they still may be small tax its not that much more if so..I can’t recall from last year

  • do you still need a password for the amex presale?

  • which tickets get released for amex holders im looking for 112 a – d 

  • edgar_u2_hellohello

    Do you need to buy tickets for the show in order to buy merch? (If they have merch booths like last year)

    • Yes because you can only get in with a ticket.

  • on the live nation AMEX presale right now.. why can’t i even get to the 100’s section when searching just for 1 ticket?

    • To many people trying to do it at once who dont even have AMEX cards…try friday..amex presale isnt usually that great anyway

  • Hey, thanks so much for answering my question before on the jacket and seating. I just have a few more things to ask. Today was the Pre-sale for AMEX cardholders. I tried getting the tickets 10AM SHARP. It wouldn’t let me find tickets! It kept giving me an error, which I’m pretty sure only happened because there was an overflow of people trying to get tickets. I managed to click find tickets after 35 seconds ,and it was already sold out in the 100s and 200s!! My question is, did they release most of the tickets with this pre-sale? or may I still be able to get my hands on great seats. Also, if you could help people like me, willing to fly out from California, it would mean a lot lol! Thanks again for being such a great fan site.

    • lol thats cause everybody was trying to get tickets even though they didnt even have an AMEX card. AMEX presale is usually not that great anyway, but you have a good chance at 100’s on friday and saturday…dont stres.

  • Welch19

    why cant i get 200 level seats for this amex presale? is it only certain seats or am i too late already

  • sadeovoxo

    will the flow and live nation presales have good seats like the 100s 200s or 300s or will the amex pre sale sell them all? also when does livenation e-mail the password?

  • sadeovoxo

    when is livenation gonna send out the e-mail with the presale password? also where is the “pre sale” button on facebook i liked the live nation page but i still can find the tab :s

    • should be by thursday, I haven’t gotten it yet either

  • Juniorsoccermonster

    when we do get the livenation presale code, where are we supposed to enter it when trying to buy tickets on ticket master? 

    • You enter it on livenation…there will be a box.. and it should be coming sometime today! 

      • Juniorsoccermonster

        but everytime i click on OVO Fest on livenation, it takes me to ticketmaster? i don’t know why. Please help! dont want to miss tomorrow’s presale

  • is there going to be a meet and greet pass? 

  • i really really REALLY need to know if theres going to be a meet and greet pass

    • Not sure because last year they released it AFTER GA tickets went on sale…it came with the 200’s ticket.

  • how/where can you sign up to receive the live nation password?

  • ovotho

    Hey so they are not sold out right?

  • ovotho

    Hey so tickets are not sold out?

  • joshbarnett

    i still havent gotten the live nation presale code? when should it be coming

  • it’s fine if it’s $200 do you think they’ll have that pass when they go on presale?

  • sadeovoxo

    where is the pre sale passwords? i scrolled down on this post but i cant find the update part :s please help i really need it :(

  • will rows floor a-d be released to the public? last time i asked a question i was the only one that didn’t get a reply for real?

    • Not sure, last year they were. But only a small portion of them are

  • on livenation in level 100 it says no seats are available, does that mean they’re sold out….?

  • What do you mean when you say they opened up meet and greets for the 200 section last year?

  • Once again, I tried the presale and it sold out so fast, I was on at exactly 10AM. Do I have any chance of getting good seats tomorrow or no?

  • shanika93

    will i still be able to get good tickets if i buy them on saturday because i cant get any tickets from the presale ? -_-

  • shanika93

    will i be able to get good seats if i buy tickets on sat because i cant seem to get a hold of any tickets from the pre sale? -_-

  • can’t find 2 or more tickets for live nation presale… tomorrow has to work or its done

  • Alisha Abji

    found nothing for the presales today either i was on right at 10, 3 other ppl i know also found nothing. i had 2 lawn seats and tried to buy and the site cancelled the order, this happened to my friend as well. really frustrating and annoying it seems impossible to find any tickets.

  • Carlzzzz

    so there’s no meet & greet ? I’m confused… 
    HELP MEG!!!!

  • ashmazing

    will there be tickets in the 200 section for general public sale?

  • i don’t know what this meet and greet is BUT I WOULD LOVE TO MEET AND DIE GREETING THE WEEKND. bye

  • bossladyq

    I was on at exactly 10 am today but im still unable to purchase tickets. Is there just something wrong with ticketmasters website or the tickets are just not available yet?  Help ive tried 1oo times!!!!!

    • ikr, this is stressful 

    • its not working for me either ive been trying since 10 am exactly

  • shanika93

    there needs to be a second show because this is ridiculous. theres 2000+ tickets on stub hub where they double and even triple the price and theres no tickets on ticketmaster. this is very frustrating to the fans that have been waiting for this event for so long. 

  • can someone tell drake to please do a second show. words can’t express how depressed I am. been waiting since last years. not fair at all..

  • I understand everyones frustration. I attempted myself to buy seats to see and could only get 400’s and lawn. I don’t why it is like this, but hopefully they will open up more seats.

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