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Drake Pens Apology For Rolling Stone Comments

Yesterday Drake was the topic of discussion as it was the 5th year anniversary of his mix tape, ‘So Far Gone’. Additionally, Drake was slated to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, but due to the death of Philip Hoffman, he wasn’t.

Rolling Stone began to promote excerpts from Drake’s issue of Rolling Stone getting many excited to read his full interview. They released a small excerpt concerning Drake’s opinion on Macklemore’s Grammy apology text and then by nightfall scans and quotes from his interview began to surface. The quote that stood out the most was one in which Drake reportedly stated bars on Kanye’s ‘Yeezus’ album were questionable. Due to the nature of the quote, many thought it was fake.

By early morning Drake took to Twitter to clear the air about the whole situation stating that he hadn’t said those things about ‘Yeezus’ and that he was indeed supposed to appear on the cover and wasn’t told otherwise.


Of course, Drake’s tweets were taken out of context and many thought he was being disrespectful over not being on the cover. Last night, Drake took to the OVO blog to clear the air and apologize for the way his tweets came across. Check out Drake’s apology letter below. Shout out to Drake for being the bigger person in the situation and owning up. You can read Drake’s Rolling Stone interview in full HERE.

“With today being the 5th anniversary of So Far Gone I figured it’s fitting to return to it’s place of its origin in order to clear the air about an extremely emotional day. I completely support and agree with Rolling Stone replacing me on the cover with the legendary Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He is one of the most incredible actors of our time and a man that deserves to be immortalized by this publication. My frustration stemmed from the way it was executed. The circumstances at hand are completely justifiable (on the magazines behalf), but I was not able to salvage my story or my photos and that was devastating. They ran the issue without giving me a choice to be in it or not. I would have waited until it was my time because I understand the magnitude of the cover they chose but I just wasn’t given that option and that made me feel violated. I apologize to anybody who took my initial comments out of context because in no way would I ever want to offend the Hoffman family or see myself as bigger than that moment. I am still the same person. Today I was forced out of my character and felt the need to react swiftly. These days are the worst ones. Waking up after a great night in the studio and it’s your day to be picked apart. After dwelling on it for a few hours or days you will come to the conclusion that you brought it on yourself almost every time. So here I am having that moment. I once again apologize to everybody who took my cover comments the wrong way. I respect Rolling Stone for being willing to give a kid from Toronto a shot at the cover. I guess this is a day to learn and grow.”


The Boy

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Nordstrom x OVO
  • Asia James

    It was difficult for me to read some of the things being said about Drake over this situation. Some of them made me so angry I had to respond. But as yall know for some people ANYTHING Drake says they cant wait to rip him to shreds, and the media instigated it even more to get everybody turnt up. But because Rolling Stone is such an iconic publication, this might have been damaging to Drake’s career, so I see where an apology might be necessary.

    • Asia James

      …..so now they’ll take shit about his APOLOGY. So the price of fame..

  • DrOVOandLipstick

    Damn! I thought that he was speaking truth…he shouldn’t have apologized because he said what everyone wanted to say…or at least the person that penned it did…if it wasn ‘t real…why did WordOnRoad post it on here and Facebook. Ya’ll don’t talk or something because I wouldn’t have posted it if it wasn’t true…Celebs need to do their own PR…

  • Drake is human, people naturally go to social media and rant, then apologize for it, this is completely normal, Drake is just on a large scale so the reactions are well numbered. At the point Drake is at, none of us truly know how Drake feels, those are situations we can’t process with our lifestyle. His rant should just be read and his apology should be accepted because he meant them both.

    • Asia James

      True. And for Drake, the fact the other party involved is dead automatically deems this non-winnable, because who they gon sympathize with? But this too shall pass, and hopefully he will fully recover from this.

      • Drake always recovers, this will blow over tonight, he probably smoked a little shisha and got over it

        • Asia James

          Lol, he prolly smoked a LOT of shisha, lol!

  • OVOSunny

    Its a good thing that Drake cleared the air with the use of Twitter and the OVO Blog, but I feel the message will only really get across through his music. Sound.

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