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Drake On Set "Worst Behaviour"

On The Set: Drake Shoots Video For “Worst Behaviour” In Memphis

With Drake’s ‘Would You Like A Tour?’ kicking off on Friday, he has been busy non-stop. This past week  he was in Atlanta and now he has made his way to Memphis where he was downtown shooting the video for “Worst Behaviour”.

As soon as word spread that Drake was in town, fans flocked to the scene. From the various Instagram and Twitter posts it seems Drake caused a lot of excitement. Drake took time away from filming to take pictures with many fans. Turk from the Hot Boys was on set and you can check him out in the photos below. His dad Dennis was also spotted on set as well. This is actually one of my favorite songs from the album so I’m excited to see how the video turns out. It seems as though the video is being directed by X who can be seen in the below Instagram video. WORST!

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