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Drake nba countdown

Drake Talks Hosting ESPYS And UConn Shirt Mix-Up On NBA Countdown (Video)

After announcing that he would be this year’s host at the ESPYS, Drake appeared on the ESPN’s NBA Countdown.

This past weekend Drake attended the Final Four where he was rooting for the UK Wildcats. Before the game, he was snapped with UConn alumni player Richard Hamilton wearing the below shirt.


Apparently some people thought it was a UConn shirt and of course the meme’s started. Drake was accused of “switching teams”, but the shirt is indeed a Kentucky shirt. Drake took the time to clear the air on it during the segment. BBN for life.

While on the show Drake also talked about his upcoming ESPYS hosting gig. When asked about why he wanted to host the ESPYS Drake stated, “It’s been a dream of mine for a long time, I watched a guy that I looked up to in every aspect of life (Jamie Foxx) do it and said if I could follow in his footsteps, that’ll be a great career for me. I was blessed with the opportunity to do it. Saturday Night Live gave me the confidence to do it, and here I am.” Catch the video footage below. 

Drake Clears Up UConn Shirt Mixup 

Drake Talks Hosting ESPYS


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