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Drake Take Care Turns Two Years Old

Drake’s ‘Take Care’ Album Now Two Years Old

Word on road is that two years ago today, Drake dropped what many consider now, a classic album. That album goes by the name of ‘Take Care’.

‘Take Care’ definitely helped to prove what many of us already knew to be true which is that Drake can make hits in his sleep. Drake was able to accomplish one of his life goals with ‘Take Care’, by winning a GRAMMY. Additionally he has won numerous awards from songs and videos off of the album. The album is now double platinum and still highly talked about. ‘Take Care’ gets “heavy airplay all day” as many songs from it can still be heard on the radio and in rotation in the club. With now three platinum albums on the shelves, it is clear that Drake is building up a great catalogue of music and he’s nowhere near finished. He said his junior and senior would only get meaner and he wasn’t lying. Its two years later and we are still taking care.


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