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Drake’s ‘Take Care’ Turns Three; Fans Weigh In

Today marks three years since Drake dropped his critically acclaimed sophomore album, ‘Take Care’.

The album has gone on to do well over 2 million in sales, given Drake his first GRAMMY,  and still remains in heavy rotation amongst the people. Instead of posting my thoughts, I decided to let a few fans speak on how ‘Take Care’ has impacted their life and what the album means to them 3 years later. Check out what they had to say below.

Vincente Reyna

Favorite Song On ‘Take Care’: Cameras

“What does the take care album mean to after 3 years? It still means to me what it meant to me the first day I bought it. It means love, moving on, enjoying life and always keep moving forward! Drakes ambition is what I love about him.”

Cynthia Galan

Favorite Song(s) On ‘Take Care’: Shot for me, Marvins Room, and Doing It Wrong

“3 years later ‘Take Care’ still means a lot to me. Drakes albums are all amazing. ‘Take Care’ has a lot of amazing songs that have a lot of meaning to them. Many people can relate to them also. It has impacted my life because after hearing the songs, I looked at life and certain situations differently. Listening to the songs made me happy and proud of my baby drake. It is very easy to tell someone to listen to a song in the album and say “that’s how I feel” and they’ll understand me. Many of Drake’s songs make me feel a certain way and change my view about things.”


Favorite Song On ‘Take Care’: N/A

“3 years later…Look What You’ve Done, making Headlines everywhere. There’s no such thing as Drake Doing It Wrong. Lord Knows that HYFR this album is a classic, it’s incredible, & nothing can compare. I’m in on The Ride of your career with you.. You truly Make Me Proud & its only getting better.. Take Care.”

Ifrah Saleban

Favorite Song On ‘Take Care’: Look What You’ve Done

“‘Take Care’ will always be my favorite Drake album. This album is incredible. The sorrow, heart, and energy that was put into this album makes it a classic. It’s an album that I will forever be thankful for.”

Maxine Montana

Favorite Song On ‘Take Care’: Look What You’ve Done

“I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years since ‘Take Care’ dropped. He has grown so much through what he speaks. I’ve seen him grow musically and mentally and he’s definitely THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME. ‘Take Care’ has impacted my life so much, where I can see my life through his, because I’ve grown so much with him, throughout these years. From starting from the bottom to a life of prosperity.”

Vicki Douglas

Favorite Song On ‘Take Care’: Doing It Wrong

“I don’t know where I would be in life if it wasn’t for ‘Take Care’. The entire album gave me the strength to get over some previously long-term relationships in my life. In ‘Take Care’ Drake created a timeless album that told a meaningful story, which took listeners on an emotional roller coaster. For that I am forever thankful and proud to be a Drake fan.”

Kimberly Wilson

Favorite Song On ‘Take Care’: Shot For Me

“‘Take Care’ is personally my favorite album from Drake. Three years later ‘Take Care’ is still GOLD in my eyes. Every time I listen to this album, it’s as if I’m first hearing it on November 15. The meaning and stories behind these songs are impeccable.”

Daniel Carnighan

Favorite Song On ‘Take Care’: Lord Knows

“Wow time flies, 3 years already. Well honestly the album “Take Care” is very near and dear to my heart, It will forever be a classic masterpiece in my opinion. Its such a phenomenal body of work from start to finish that anyone can easily relate to on various levels.”

Tarek Saleh

Favorite Song On ‘Take Care’: Practice

“‘Take Care’ is one of those albums that can be played back 3 years later, and take you back to that initial feeling you got when you first heard the album. The album is full of different songs from feel good music like “Headlines” to reflection tracks like “The Ride” to music about women like “Practice.” It almost can be compared to having a collection of memories in CD form, whether those being good or bad memories that you may have been experiencing at that point of time. Being able to translate how you’re truly feeling into words is what most people struggle with, and that is what ‘Take Care’ does for me. For an artist to be able to provide vivid memory recall like in an album, I think it stems from something deeper than music. That is what ‘Take Care’ means to me 3 years later. An album that brings back memories, but at the same time can provide me with completely different feelings when listening to it today. Crazy to think someone I don’t personally know at all, can connect with so many people through music… that is powerful, that is REAL.”

Jenna G.

Favorite Song On ‘Take Care’: N/A

“Two years after losing my mother to cancer, I still found myself trying to adjust to life without her. Trying to move forward without feeling as though I’m leaving her or the memory of her behind. I found myself slowly feeling clouded with feelings; thinking that my life will never amount to nothing without her. I found myself losing faith & my purpose in life. But that all changed with the help of ‘Take Care’. Take Care is a body of work that helped me when I need something to help my blurry vision become clear. From “Underground Kings“, helping me to gain the confidence to believe that I can, do, and be anything I want in life and that – “…you ain’t gotta die to get to heaven” – believing that you can life in the present & still be at bliss. And to Look What You’ve Done, reminding myself all the good my mom has done for me during the amount of time God did bless me to have her in my life and being “just another kid that’s going through life so worried that I would be accepted” but still following heart & vision no matter where God takes me. I related to a body of work that was able to put the emotions that I was feeling into words that I can’t form. And to this day, three years later, I’m still connecting to that exact same project & having each track that I listen to remind myself how much Take Care has will and always continue to impacted my life.”

Samuel Pente

Favorite Song On ‘Take Care’: Look What You’ve Done

“‘Take Care’ taught me to accept all situations as a positive aspect of my life. Drake is telling anyone that has ever been a part of his life, whether it be good or bad, whether they dissed him or supported him, he telling them “thanks” because either way it made him a stronger and better person. He’s telling them to celebrate his success because they were a part of it. This has given me a better outlook on life and humbled me as a person, getting me as far as I’ve gotten. Thank You, Drake and Take Care.”

Alfonzo Cunningham 

Favorite Song On ‘Take Care’: Crew Love

“It’s hard to believe that it has been 3 years since one of my all-time favorite albums dropped. ‘Take Care’ not only took me to an extremely dark, but relatable world of love and heartbreak, it also guided me through a struggling relationship. It made me see Drake as a person whose been there like the rest of us. One of my favorite parts of the album was the involvement of The Weeknd. I just discovered him months before so seeing him on Drake’s album and behind some production was perfect. Thank You Drake for all the guidance, memories and killer music and I wish you the best of luck with life and the next classic due out next year.”



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