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Happy Birthday To Mama Graham!; A Look At Her Most Precious Moments

Today it is Drake’s mother, Sandi aka Mama Graham’s birthday. Drake attributes everything good he’s gotten in life to his mom so today we celebrate her.

If you know anything about Drake, you are most likely aware of the fact that he loves his mother dearly. I believe in giving credit where credit is due so we definitely want to say thank you to Mama Graham for helping to shape Drake into the man he is today.

Because we love Mama Graham just as much as we love Drake, let’s take a look at some of her most precious moments throughout the years. Happy Birthday Mama Graham and have a great day!

Here Mama Graham is repping OVO and looking at Drake’s “Trophies” on the wall….



A bit of Mother/Son love between Mama Graham and Drake….so precious.



Drake posted this picture of Mama Graham showing off her new Chanel purse and his Grammy. STUNTIN! 



Mama Graham made a cameo in Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” standing in front of their old house in Forest Hill.  Star Gyal..



Drake received the Hal David Starlight award in 2011 and gave a performance for his mother leaving her in tears. Awww!



Taking it back a little, there’s the time Mama Graham didn’t quite buy Drake the right sandwich…


Drake posted the below picture on Instagram this dubbing her “the best single mom ever.” Doesn’t she look lovely?!



Here she is giving us great advice! 

Who can forget when Drake sang to his mom in the ‘Better Than Good Enough Documentary’? How cute was her reaction! 


Then there’s the time she hung out with KJ the Kid reporter in 2010 after the Juno’s…


Here Mama Graham is playing Scrabble…wonder who won?



Photo Credit: Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr





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  • Asia James

    Happy Birthday to Sandi Graham. Thank you for giving us the gift of Drizzy..

  • OVOSunny

    Shout out to Mama Graham! None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for her, thank you.

  • VirgoSister

    Wonderful dedication WOR! Happy Birthday to such a great and incredible woman like Mama Graham. Much love always to her!

  • I like this a lot, I never saw that performance at the Hal David Starlight show, is that on youtube?

  • DorYon

    Happy 21st Birthday Mama Graham still looking good! Visit my site to see what I’ve posted. AffixAmp.com

  • Janisbeachum

    Happy birthday miss Sandi Graham your best wishes is your amazing son DRAKE God have you a wonderful to entertain the world with his amazing music I love the both of you God bless you

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