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NBA Awards Recap (Video)

Last night, Drake hosted the first annual NBA Awards and Word on Road is here with the recap!

Back in January of this year, Drake announced that he’d be producing and hosting the first annual NBA Awards on Coach Cal’s podcast. A few months later, the date of the show was announced and last night? The magic finally happened. The show started off with the first skit of the night, a go to guide on handshakes courtesy of “Coach Palmer” and “Coach Murphy”.

After the crash course in handshakes by the professionals, Drake officially opened the show with a monologue of (mostly) light hearted jokes.

Somehow we missed the pre-show press conference, but a responsible host always has the footage on hand somewhere.

And when we were ready to dip out for the commercial break, Drake had DJ Shaq take us to the break.


After the jump, 2 Chainz and Nicki Minaj performed for the crowd and viewers!

James Harden with the crickets…

And apparently Seth Curry is lost in the sunken place…

And the last skit of the night was the return of Coach Palmer and Coach Murphy.

All in all, the NBA Awards was a solid show from start to finish. We’re definitely looking forwards to next year’s show and Drake’s transition back into the acting world!

And last but not least, footage for the road:


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