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T-Boz Of TLC To Hit The Studio With Drake & 40 (Video)

In a recent interview with Rap Up, T-Boz (1/3rd of the group TLC) talked about how she plans to collaborate with Drake. In the past, Drake has often expressed his love for TLC through tweets and his re-make to “Fanmail” called “I Get Lonely Too”.

Most recently Drake showed love by buying one of their shirts off of E-bay which Chilli and T-Boz signed and returned to him. T-Boz says her, Drake and 40 plan to meet up while in LA to see what they can come up with in the studio. “I think Drake is awesome. He’s so talented. He’s one of the special ones.”, says T-Boz. Catch the video below to see what else T-Boz had to say about Drake.

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  • Yogi

    I am so excited about the song that Drake and T-Boz are going to release. I’mma be patient b/c there’s no telling when it’ll be recorded and dropped for us to listen to. I can’t wait! Two singers with the same type of singing style- this should be quite interesting.

  • yeeeeeeh

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