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Drake Shows Some Crew Love

Drake Shows Some Major Crew Love

If you’ve been following Drake for any amount of time, you have probably seen that he always makes sure his family and crew are well taken care of. This past weekend, Drake took to Instagram to share some MAJOR crew love with fans.

Not only is it matching Rolexes forreal, but now its matching Owl Chains too. On Instagram, Drake shared pictures of members of the OVO crew sporting their new owl chains. Drake is now more than ever letting everyone know it’s all about him and his team. Even with his lead single “Started From The Bottom”, Drake boasts of starting from the bottom but “now the whole fucking team here”. You can even take “Girls Love Beyonce” for example where Drake says, “I’m scared to let somebody in on this. No new friends, no, no, no”. It seems as the reoccurring theme on ‘Nothing Was The Same’ will be Drake talking about living it up with the crew. Who can be mad at that? They loving the crew, but sorry its no new friends. Check the photos of each member with their chain below.

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  • Where 40, it’s not complete until I see 40 with the OVO chain on lol I like how he’s still with the same crew though, it shows his honesty with friendship.

  • ovomils

    My pic from Twitter, cheeea

  • Drake’s Very Own.

    Amazing! Wish I had one. Lol

  • FatimaΩVΩ


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