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Behind The Scenes: Drake Covers GQ Magazine (Video)

As we know, Drake will be covering the July issue of GQ magazine. We’ve already posted the pictures and cover story that will be featured in the magazine, and now we get to go behind the scenes to see a little bit of the photo shoot.

Throughout the last few days, it seems as though we’ve been getting more and more information about what Drake has in store for us. When the inside pictures from the July issue were released they received a great reaction.  The photos were shot at the home of NBA super fan James Goldstein‘s (above) home in California. Check out a behind the scenes video of Drake’s photo shoot below.


Drake GQ
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  • OVOJames

    I thought I was gonna hear a snippet of Tuscan Leather, it sounds so idk, new. I’m amped for this release. I’ll rather him not release any new singles until one week before his album release. I think Drake will hit 1 million on the first day, I’m buying at least 2 or 3 copies.

  • A.J.

    Just finished reading Drake’s GQ article and I must say I always expect a lot from the artist that like and I’m generally disappointed! However, not in this instance, it was a great read, wonderfully written, gave excellent insight, and cleared up several perspectives in which I was happily wrong. Drake you seem to be a quality person and with every question you answer you seem to generate ten more. I’m happy to know that someone exists that actually exceeds my impossibly high standards. Sending nothing but love and well wishes.

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