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Drake Takes Shot Out Of Grammy Award

Drake And OVO Take Shots Out Of His Grammy Award (Video)

As we know, earlier this year Drake took home the 2012 Grammy award for his ‘Take Care’ album. The award didn’t make it to the televised portion of the GRAMMY’s and Drake has just recently received the actual award.

Through this new footage from OVO, we are able to see Drake actually receive his actual GRAMMY award. The OVO team took shots out of it to celebrate! We look forward to Drake winning many more Grammy’s in the future! Nothing Was The Same. For your convenience, I transcribed the latter part of the video where Drake talks about what winning the GRAMMY means to him. We never heard his GRAMMY speech, but that right there certainly felt like one!


“It’s so weird, you know like you say you’re going to do something and then it actually happens and then it happens again and happens again. Then you just wonder does it run out. What is this? The power of being young? Is it, is it desire, or is it hunger? Like, even this house. Like I said I’d, I, I,…I said I’d..I use to tell myself I’d come here like one day and see it and I’d own it. And this right here [The GRAMMY], I use to talk about this all the time like and sit and just like…say I’m gonna be…you know I never…My vision always included a speech. That’s the only, thats the only thing that kind wasn’t accurate, but other than like I always said I’d get one of these you know and I got it man. Its like, when does it stop? You know? Does it stop? Why is it happening. Its crazy man. Its crazy to think about it. Its surreal.”

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