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Best Buy on June 15, 2010 in New York City.

Throwback Thursday: Drake “Thank Me Later” Album Release Best Buy

Today is the day before, the 2 year anniversary of Thank Me Later’s release. Wow, its already been two years since that debut album hit shelves! Crazy how time flies. Looking back its not hard to tell that Drake has progressed and only gotten better. Its great to look back from now to when Room For Improvement dropped and see his growth. He’s done great things so far and we only expect more great things in the future. Thank Me Later, a million copies shipped and gone is what the tweet read. Now, two years later Thank Me Later over 1.5 million copies shipped, gone, and sold. Here is a video from Drake’s album release at Best Buy two years ago which you can catch after the jump. June 15th, a day that is engrained in the hearts of Drake fans from all over. 500,000 in a week really wasn’t far-fetched.

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