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Thrill Is Gone

[Hook] Loves lost Loves gone Love lost Love is gone [Drake: Verse 1] Look In this world of desperate housewives and freakin players Rappers they tend to be smilin’ Because they swimmin’ in women Most of em seeking favors They come in secret flavors Thats why I envy Omar Because so far I’m no where […]

Make Things Right

[Hook] Look, if you a girl with the aspirations Of being in the background witcha asses shakin Hittin clubs and skippin out on the class you takin I ask you to have some patience (you’re worth so much more) To my dudes at the bar with a freak and Steady lightin cigars at the parties […]

Come Winter

[Drake:Talking] Yeah, this dedicated to Canada man The whole up North A lot of people don’t realize how cold it gets during the Winter But listen [Verse 1: Drake] I met this new girl late June or early July I called her a bunch of times but she barely replied Now it’s December, I’m driving, […]

A Scorpio’s Mind Feat. Nickelus F.

[Nickelus F: speaking] Niggas in the city hating me man they tripping When I’m the only one that’s really spitting My nigga Lil Lee the only one that’s really gripping Why you dap me up acting like like we cool if you don’t feel him nigga? Uh, I’m bringing back hip hop Me and my […]

Try Harder

[Verse 1: Drake] Sometimes I feel like Lohan and Hilary Duff are the only ones with enough To feel what I’m about to say in this song When they want you to be like somebody else and you just want to be yourself And you do it and get the feeling it’s wrong That there […]

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