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Miss Me Feat. Lil Wayne

[Verse 1: Drake] I said tell me what’s really goin’ on Drizzy back up in this thing I’m ready, what’s happenin’? Gone for surgery but now I’m back again I’m ’bout my paper like a mothafuckin’ scratch-and-win World Series attitude, champagne bottle life Nothin’ ever changes so tonight is like tomorrow night I will have a […]

CeCe’s Interlude

[Verse 1] All night I’ve, been staring, can you tell I want you? Can’t be too, wide open, there’s nothin, I won’t do Just thought you should know [Hook] That’s when you start to laugh Saying I just want what I can’t have Won’t even give me a chance Claiming I’m just not as serious […]

Lust For Life

[Drake] I’m tryna do it all, tonight I got plans, I got a certain lust, for life And as it stands, everything is going as right As it can; they tryna shoot down my flight Before it lands…before it lands But you could miss me with all that Diss me then crawl back I really wish […]


[Verse 1] Hey there, pretty girl, you know exactly what you got, and I dont blame you at all.. You can’t resist it.. Especially when the lights so bright, and the money so right, and its coming in every single night She dont wanna leave, she just stuck in.. [Hook] Houstatlantavegas, Houstatlantavegas, Houstatlantavegas, Houstatlanta..she just stuck […]

A Night Off Feat. Lloyd

[Drake] Spending every moment in the studio I never said it’d be fair But when you’re all alone I hope you truly know How bad I want to be there [Hook] Come right here Set your bag down I took a night off for you Go ahead and turn the lights off But keep your […]

Bria’s Interlude Feat. Omarion

[Omarion] Even though you’re all alone All alone when I am gone I just wanna keep you warm I’m comin’ back, I’m comin’ back Yes, I’ll be there Yes, I’ll be there Cause when I’m all alone I think about your face And how I wanna touch I’m so far away (I’m so) All I […]

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