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Bout It

[Intro] Swear to god, might fuck with this new OVO shit Swear to god, ……. How we ride when we ride East niggas tell how we ride out Sauga city trip [Verse 1] She call me like she can’t wait, she want it now now now I give it to her that way, right now […]


[Intro: Missy Elliot Sample] Thirsty, baby bring it over here Thirsty, baby bring it over here Ching, ching, gettin’ paid over here Ching, ching, gettin’ paid over here [Verse 1] I wanna kiss you, girl, I wanna kiss you Girl, I wanna love you Oh, am I moving too fast? Fuck that (Well, well, well…) […]


[Verse 1] Met you in Houston, but you’re from Atlanta No you’re from Pennsylvania or somethin’ Fuck all I know is, you’re hot and you know this You make it easy to blow this, you know this, damn Twerkin’ her ass for me Shaped like a glass for me It’s like God knew what I […]


[Bridge] When we arguin’, it’s just me and me I was hardly home, workin’ 3 to 3, seems like another time Feels like another time, there will be another time I’ll get to, forget you [Verse 1] But, you just walked in Once you get to talkin’, how I lost it Hard to call it […]

Grown Woman

[Verse 1] (Oh) Sitting court side, to the game she play I’m chilling most times, but I blame the DJ She the dark-skin chick with the light-skin crew Her pretty face and ’em high heel shoes Got love for them niggas, we got love for you too (I know) See my car is out there, […]

Belong To The City

If I knew I was wastin’ my time Would end up wastin’ my time With all these shoulda coulda wouldas I’m in her ear one time Tryna tell her how I ride She heard it all I know she heard it all Girl I can change your life But you heard it all But you […]

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