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Drake In Stussy 'Reps Up' Collaboration

WDDW: Drake In Stussy ‘Reps Up’ Collaboration

And we’re back with another ‘What Did Drake Wear?’ post. This time Drake is seen sporting the new Stussy x Reps collaboration.

Reps Up teams up with Stussy to release a dope collaboration which features the black hoodies seen in the above picture. After his ‘Would You Like A Tour?’ show in Connecticut, Drake was also seen wearing the white version of the hoodie. The collection also includes long and short sleeve tees which should be available to the general public soon. If you are in Toronto and interested in attending the in-store pre-party on Friday, details are below. Make sure to follow P.Reign and Chubbs for more info.

Update: You can now purchase HERE.

Stussy Reps Up Collaboration Party

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Both outfits
  • DrOVOandLipstick

    If you aren’t were do you buy….

    • Word On Road

      I shall update you as soon as that info is released!

  • OVOSunny

    I need to get one of these asap. How much are they? Where can we buy? OVO Reps Up !

    • Word On Road

      I’ll update as soon as there is more info about where to purchase!

  • OVOSunny

    Any news where to purchase the tops Meg ?

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