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Throwback Thursday: Drake 2010 Grammy Nomination Interview

As most know, in 2010 Drake was nominated for two Grammy’s without an album out. I came across some gifs of this video on Tumblr the other day and decided to make it this weeks throwback. The video showcases an interview done right after Drake found out about his nominations. The best part of this video […]

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Throwback Thursday: Drake Talks Aaliyah’s Influence On His Life & Music

With all the news surrounding Drake and 40 co-executive producing Aaliyah’s posthumous album, I thought it only right to take it back to an interview in which Drake discusses her influence on him. For as long as I can remember, Drake has mentioned Aaliyah in his interviews and this is one of my favorite interviews in which […]

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Throwback Thursday: Drake ‘Old Money’ Skit

Last year while Drake was hosting the Juno Awards in Toronto, he did a couple of skits throughout the show. This ‘Old Money’ skit was by far the funniest as Drake seemed comfortable and really in his element. This is one of the main reasons I’d really like to see Drake play in more movies. […]

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Throwback Thursday: Drake & Jimmy Kimmel “Tweet, Tweet” Music Video

Back in 2010 after Thank Me Later‘s release, Drake appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Not only was there a great interview, but Drake and Jimmy also made a music video for their original song “Tweet, Tweet”. I remember when this first aired and I was watching it live, I couldn’t stop laughing. Seeing Drake […]


Throwback Thursday: Drake Records “I’m Still Fly” Freestyle (Video)

This weeks video is a throwback for real, the days of Drake recording in 40’s apartment. In this 2008 video, Drake records a freestyle for “I’m Still Fly” which ending up being an official verse and there was a video shot for the full song. I think its always cool to see artist recording their […]

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Throwback Thursday: Drake Covers “Lets Stay Together” By Al Green

Back in 2010 Drake played a show at the Microsoft Bing event where he sang “Find Your Love” and covered a portion of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”. Listening to this video and comparing it to videos of Drake singing at this years club paradise tour is crazy. He’s definitely worked at singing and come […]

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