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Broad City Drake "Started From The Bottom"

Comedy Central’s ‘Broad City’ Makes Use Of Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” (Video)

The impact that Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” has had on our culture can still be seen even now, over a year after its release.

Broad City is a new series on Comedy Central in which Amy Poehler serves as the executive producer and Abbi Jacobson and Llana Glazer are the stars. On last night’s episode,  the cold open consisted of a music video titled “eight f**king thousand dollars” in which Abbi and Ilana roll up to the bank to deposit a “fat check”. As they dance around the bank channeling Missy Elliott, “Started From The Bottom” serves as the theme music.

Recently on ‘The Tonight Show’, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake channeled their inner Drake by performing “Started From The Bottom” and showing us their “Drake hands”.

Catch the video from Comedy Central’s ‘Broad City’ below.

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