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Drake Brings Out Bobby Shmurda In New Jersey (Video)

Last night the Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour hit Holmdel, New Jersey. As a treat to fans, Drake brought out Bobby Shmurda to perform his smash hit “Hot Nigga”.

The crowd went wild and recited the lyrics to the song word for word. Besides 50 Cent, Bobby Shmurda has been the only other special guest on the tour. Additionally, Drake took the win over Wayne last night making the score 7-6. Check out the video from the show below. You can also view some additional videos from the show below courtesy of Jake. 

Hot Nigga – Bobby Shmurda

Believe Me


All Me


Crew Love

Who Do You Love?





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  • _ J A D E ❤

    That Drake/Wayne concert was incredible! The NJ crowd was going nuts! Literally! Two people crashed the stage lol. The amount of energy they both put into their performances was unreal. Drake definitely deserved to win last night’s show. He owned that crowd! It was “The Drake Show.” When he first hit the stage (after Wayne), you can feel the shift in energy. The crowds energy went straight through the roof, and every time after that, the crowd went crazy for him. Wayne did his thing too! The people love him. He has nothing but bangers and classics. The entire show was a movie! The funny thing is, Drake and Wayne have so many songs between them, and together, we’ve would’ve been there for another hour or more. And I’m sure those two STILL would have had a considerable amount of energy. Thank you Drake and Lil Wayne for performing each show like it’s the first show. NY/NJ loves you!

    Jade Raven / Inflexwetrust.com

    • Word On Road

      Lol, I looked down at my phone and next thing I see is a girl running across the stage and getting pulled back by security! I’ve been to a couple of the shows and the energy at this one was CRAZY! Glad you enjoyed.

      • _ J A D E ❤

        I really did. It’s funny because Drake and Lil Wayne were in the middle of talking and thanking people and didn’t immediately realize the first crasher. The guy looked over and saw how close he was to Drake and I think got scared once Drake noticed him and jumped back into the crowd as Drake started to approach him. So I guess the girl figured, if one person did it, I’m going to do it too! Lol.

        I saw Drake at PNC about two years ago for the Club Paradise Tour and I didn’t realize how close the stage was to the crowd until that night.

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